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Admins using this server as their personal playground - WaterMeloen - 02-10-2018

So I've been playing in the server for months now and had the pleasure of playing many awesome CTFB games on maps that can't be found on other servers. What I've also learned, the hard way, is that the server is more and more turning into a personal playground of a very select group of people, who seem to be increasingly concerned with having the best possible game themselves, and will allow other players in their server solely to act as cannon fodder. Maps often aren't voted for but picked by the admin. They also want to own the top of the scoreboard; if you ever ruin their game by killing them a bunch or trying to counter their plays you must be 'hacking' or 'not playing by the rules' and should thus be kicked or preferably banned. Admittedly, in my history on this server, I have had games where my play style could be considered campy but I apologized for that and changed my play style drastically, just to comply to and respect the server rules. Nowadays many of the regulars are way more restrictive in their movement than I am, yet I'm still the one that gets called out for it, because once again: I don't always just play the role of simple cannon fodder.
I totally understand that you're just a group of friends, who might know each other for a long time, and just like to play COD2 by their rules. But I also believe that when you're hosting a public server you have a certain responsibility to all players: To not discriminate between them and to keep a positive vibe going as much as possible. The attitude I've experienced in this server is quite the opposite.
NOTE: This doesn't hold for all admins, as PlayerX, for example, comes across refreshingly reasonable. I also want to reiterate that this is specific to the CTFB server, the S&D server is very different.

I tried my best to fit in on this server but I keep encountering lots of hate and resistance aimed at me personally, receiving toxic comments and always risking being kicked and/or banned depending on an admin's mood. I often left the server feeling angry and powerless, but tried to ignore it as much as possible. Today I decided I cannot stand the atmosphere anymore. This also means I will suspend my monetary contributions, like last month, at least for now. It's a shame, because there aren't many active servers around and this server definitely offered something unique. Fortunately there are still a few other servers online, amongst which your own S&D server, where people welcome competition, don't hold too serious grudges against eachother, and games can still flourish.

The other topics in this thread show I'm not the only person facing this behaviour, and I feel there are many more that don't take the effort of going to the forums to complain about it. I wrote this post as a reflection on the current server situation, and what it's turning into more and more, for both admins and regular players.


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RE: Admins using this server as their personal playground - #mr67 - 03-10-2018

Gosh how i'm happy to see that other report and write here. I'm happy that anyone with some common sense can easily see where is the problem here.

RE: Admins using this server as their personal playground - puba - 03-10-2018

ma bravo MR nadam se da ti nitko na tvom serveru nece radit probleme...a tu vise neces igrat bar dok sam ja admin

RE: Admins using this server as their personal playground - #mr67 - 03-10-2018

Igrao danas, igrao juce. Bas si mi dobar admin ako ne skuzis ko sam....

RE: Admins using this server as their personal playground - puba - 03-10-2018

igraj igraj gustaj