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08-04-2018, 17:12 ,
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admin application

My ingame nick is always different (every day newnick new cfg; experiments)...I m playin last few months often at veteran sd server and cant blv sometimes that every single round there are atleast 4-5whs. every round (except in morning) and thats why i never stay here long time bcs its frustrating Big Grin...
I was admin in few clans ( over 5), alot of years experience ...and in most cases i can see cheat in first kill, if not i hunt them down from spect. Record-demo-kick no feelings no friends popular nicknames and so on...
I wont say nothing about my game skill bcs you have some good players here but you need >good admins also...
If I start with my opinion of some of them I would probably lose this mini chance of becomin admin..I know you ll need to check my gametracker minutes  ( (thats imposiblle), and i dont have minutes like top 100 guys for sure...But my apply stands here if you ll ever decide to trust and get good admin call me up. Otherwise i know answer ...

DW Jastreb ...Pozdrav!
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