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04-10-2018, 18:52 ,
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Banned without reason/warning

Hello to all players and admins who may come across this post. A few days ago I connected to the ctfb server and I was playing OSO, when suddenly without warning or anything I got kicked. I tried to reconnect and the timer counted past 5 seconds so I checked my internet connection, router etc only to find out that I got banned. I called my good friend HooligunZ Tara to see what was going on and he explained that two days before, he was warned of being permanently banned. So I guess on this server you are guilty by association. (I only got reprimanded twice or trice for camping in the 6 or so months that I play on this server, and never got kicked as far as I remember). Anyway I resetted my router the next day 'cause I have a dynamic IP and I connected again to clear things up. It was Epileptic who was online at that moment and I asked why I got banned. He told me that Samo-Bahato Avramovski has a video of me wallhacking and banned me again. The funny thing is that I never got accused of wallhacking from an admin or any player except for maybe djoletov tata, who, I'm sure, at some point in time he has accused everyone that plays on this server except maybe for the admins. (no offense)

I read the other posts regarding unfair kicking/banning and that makes it even more baffling for me, because in many of these posts, it is implied that certain admins won't tolerate anyone passing them on the scoreboard or killing them too many times in a single match. Not only do I rarely feature on the top 3 players of a match, there are times that I even have a negative score. I mean, if I camp/use wallhack and sometimes I still have a close to negative score, how shit of a player am I?

One last thing as far as the supposed video is concerned. Is it uploaded somewhere so I can see it? Did Epileptic confused me with another player? And if so, why does an admin ban someone without being 100% sure that they are doing something unlawful?

Anyway thanks for the time and space, and I hope things will clear up soon.

Best regards,
HooligunZ Geezer
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