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05-10-2018, 06:53 ,
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All Admin!!

I heard that some people have trouble with me !! But so far no one has written to me that he has a problem !!The problem is that I handle a bit hard on r-con !! I admit this !! But that server is only clear when I'm up that no one can see it !!The most fraud on the server is in the morning and I'm always up in the morning!!Throwing is not just a fraud! but someone blocks your teammate !! plays a bug-jump game!!Or just mute the server with ping999 !!Nobody told me your problem !! it has been more than enough feedback that it's good to play on the server when I'm up!!You came back! but thanks for everything !! The server is also good and I love !! That I do not get r-cont I'll cut it !!At least I do not have to deal with many cheaters !!If you do not read admin and cheat cheats !! what can i say to the others ??I do not have permission!! I'm so sorry !! Smilethank you for reading!!Bye Bye!!!!...../kamikaze/
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