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06-11-2017, 11:06 ,
sirjoe Offline
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how to spot a hacker..

Aimbots do the aiming for the player. They're usually obvious, because their sights snap from one player to the next, no human could ever aim like that. They'll also rack up kills at a ridiculous rate.

Wall hacks allow a player to see through walls, and they're not always obvious. Bad wallhackers make it obvious, you can see them following players through walls all the time. Good ones aren't, because they don't use them to shoot people through walls, they use them just to see where they are.

No-recoil hacks are just that: their gun has no recoil. You really have to know the guns to catch these, although most hackers use them on guns like the AK-47 or the M60 that have a lot of recoil. If you know how these guns kick when they are fired, you can spot this hack. However, a few guns like the silenced Skorpion have almost no recoil, but that is just the gun. This hack can be hard to catch on many guns.

There's also hacks that show up enemies as bright red, and friendlies as bright green. These are almost impossible to catch, because you don't know if a player is using them or they're just playing the game on a 32" monitor with a triple SLI set-up. Some people are just really good at picking out movements, and they know the maps so well that they can tell when someone's helmet is sticking up from behind something.

The key to catching hacks is spectating a player. Aimbots are obvious. A player is wallhacking if you see them following targets through walls and killing them when they would have no way of knowing they are there. The key here is following them, and not just spraying because they saw the blip on UAV. No recoil hacks on recoil-heavy guns are usually not that hard to spot if you watch closely, but I'm very careful about calling someone out for that.
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07-11-2017, 10:14 ,
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RE: how to spot a hacker..

Thanks for your descriptions, I've already posted with the following steps to respect if you want to bust cheaters:

1. DON'T CRY for cheating and GO SPECTATOR first (anonymous if needed)

2. TURN VOLUME UP and USE BRAIN as most as possible while spectating the player at least during 1 map (to precise strange gameplay/actions)

3. NOTE player STATUS/ID

4. RECORD DEMO if you have a REAL doubt (watch it later into developer mode with mods off and x_debug function to proove gameplay issues)

5. POST DEMO on forum (GET OTHER OPINIONS from experienced people)

6. Install/Use Seismovision (allow to watch demo with developer tools for cheat busting):

Linked exemple -> Cheater busted by demo running with Seismovision:

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27-12-2017, 22:23 ,
lee Offline
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RE: how to spot a hacker..


hacker spotted - aimbot.
nick - fusion____________
time - today, around 30mins-1hour ago. ( 8.30pm-9pm )
demos -

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