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08-02-2018, 11:00 ,
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sniper server - suggestions

Sometimes I play on this sniper server and used to have problem connecting to CTFB server after that..hope this issue is solved.

Another thing - comparing this sniper server with others, I have suggestions that can be useful: after (re)spawned player have only few seconds to find his spot. On other sniper serves player have about 10-15 seconds (invisibility time)..for example have 15 seconds but if use FAST RUN those seconds are shortened.

In 3-4 seconds on this server, player can not find his spot. Invisibility time is just to short!

Also on other servers when you respawn and use gunpoint/sight /optics - automatic you lose your invisibility time. It means that you are active, trying to find your target - it makes sense - can not be invisible and use optics !

So my suggestion is to adjust that 'invisibility time'. With that player will get time to climb some tower, or to go in front of lines, or do whatever he/she likes... in 3-4-5 seconds it is not possible. For example, you respawn - try to go to some spot and you become visible - game over for you...that is such shame.

Hope my suggestion will be accepted.

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